TC/TB-Series > 6″



Cast Iron Pumps


Tormac cast iron submersible pumps are ingeniously designed and developed employing latest engineering softwares, high-tech machinery, tools and cutting edge of pumping technology to deliver the best possible hydraulic efficiency. The integrated and most modern quality assurance systems used at every stage of the production and flawless workmanship ensure sustained and consistent operation.

All these submersible pumps are multistage single suction centrifugal type and provided with integral check-valve and NEMA standard coupling. These pumps are available with impellers made of bronze, diffusers made up of cast iron and the shaft is made of AISI 410/431. The integral check valve prevents back flow, up thrust and reduces the risk of water hammer which paves the way for trouble free performance. The suction screen is designed with utmost care so as not to reduce the inflow of water and at the same time to prevent damage to the pump and clogging due to the entry of sand and other foreign particles

Pumped Liquids
Non-aggressive, non explosive, pure, cold, Fresh water without abrasive particles having the following characteristics.
pH 6.5 to 8.5
Turbidity 50 ppm silica scale(max.)
Viscosity 1.75 x 106m²/sec (max.)
Hardness (Drinking Water) 300 (max.)
Specific gravity 1.004 (max.)
Allowable solids 3000 ppm (max)
Chlorine ion density 500 ppm (max.)
Permissible amount of sand 50 g/ m³ (max.)
Temperature 38°C (max.) NBR 90°C VITON

General Information On Electro Mechanical Unit

Power Range (kW)-Speed In RPMFlow Range lpmFlow Range m³/hRecommended Head (ft)Recommended Head (m)Deliver Size in mmFrom 3.7 – 26kW-2900500 – 300020 – 1806.5 – 12142 – 37080,100,125 & 150M.O.CImpellerDiffuserValve HousingValvePump shaftCouplingSuction InterconnectorTypeCI / BronzeCICIAISI 304AISI 410 / 431AISI 329Cl


TC/TB-Series > 6″

Performance Curves

TC/TB-Series > 6″


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