Single phase motors




Small in dimensions, but great in sturdiness, also thanks to the use of aluminum (housings, shields, flanges) and steel (shaft, fan cover), our single-phase electric motors ensure always reliable performances under any condition of use, and have a proven superior, longer life-cycle-time.

This quality is supported by data. Today, Soga single-phase motors are used in 30 countries worldwide including, besides Europe, also North and South America, Middle and Far East, Africa and Australia, with tens of thousands of units produced annually for small-power machines and equipment  for typically residential applications, from compressors to pumps, from fans to machines for wood and tiles cutting, or food working.


One can choose any other motor manufactured by any other manufacturer using the lowest-cost materials and production techniques.

Or, you can choose to rely on a manufacturer of electric motors with 50 years of know-how, who goes on investing also on small sizes because he still relies on them, believing they are part not of his history only but, once more, they can be a springboard for the future.

A partner who has decided to keep in Italy the production of its single-phase motors supported by a staff of 150 people, also realizing all windings and mechanical parts, in aim to guarantee its clients a real quality and full flexibility in developing tailor-made solutions.