GD Submersible Grinder Pump



With high quality cast iron housing for the long term using.
To achieve the excellent performance, we use great VCT cable with Epoxy resin base, dry motor and dura-mechanical seals.
This series also with heavy-duty ball bearing and protector and insulation level is IP 68.
The design of centrifugal semi-open impeller which can avoid any long fiber items or other objects to block the inlet.
Both radial cutter and ring are made from SUS-440C material in which the hardness is reached HRc 55-60 . Any high tenacity objects such as leather, textile, plastic bags, and rope are easily to be grinded.
  • The material such as leathers, textile fiber,food and other tenacity objects can be grinded.
  • General household using, drainage systems of buildings and apartments,resorts and wastewater systems.
  • Commercial buildings, industrial factories, sewage water treatments.
  • Wastewater systems of schools, municipal engineering sewage treatments and so on are appropriate to this application.
  • Available using in various wastewater drainage systems and sewage water treatments.