Silent Booster Pump SSA series



The SSA series is an All-in-One self-priming silent booster pump, the compact design combined pressure tank, pressure switch, flow switch and full protection controller, moreover, the evolutional flow channel and peripheral impeller design provide highly performance, by using this booster pump there is no more pump frequently On/Off, unstable water pressure and noise problems.


● Water pressure boosting
● Water transferring
● Water circulating


● Easy set-up, installation, and maintenance
● The most silent operation in class
● No more noise issue from pump short cycling
● Best-in-class performance in the market
● Higher efficiency for lower electricity bill
● Robust construction for better reliability
● Max. 8M self-priming suction lift
● All-in-one compact design which integrates motor, pump, pressure tank, flow switch, pressure switch,
and controller to provide the most stable water pressure


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