4 & 6 Encapsulated Motors



4 & 6 Encapsulated Motors 50/60Hz


Stairs’ Encapsulated motor is developed with market expectation to meet the robust construction and stringent requirement, which is for 4”& 6” or larger well. The motor is 100% tested before shipment.

●Max. Immersion depth: 300m
●Protection: IP68
●Max. Start Per Hour: 20
●Insulation: Class F
●Rated ambient temperature: 30C with min.
●Cooling flow 0.08 m/s of water flow speed
●Standard installation position: vertical and horizontal (with a tilt angle >5C towards the DE)
●Hermetically sealed stator, anti-track, stator resin prevent motor burn out.
●High efficiency provides operation cost savings
●Kingsbury type thrust bearing
●Copper wiring
●Pressure equalizing diaphragm
●Removable lead connector
●Control boxes available for single phase motor.
●Standard NEMA mounting dimensions
●Motor with carbon and ceramic Mechanical seal.