Speroni Water Pumps
Speroni Water Pumps is one of the most popular water lift motors nationwide, due to the low water levels inside pipes and high buildings

The advantages of motors
 It has a great ability to pump water to very high places
 It is characterized by its copper wires which are not affected by the frequent use.
 It has an external structure that is resistant to rust and damage.
Speroni Water Pumps also has a warranty that allows maintenance and repair in the event of damage during operation

Speroni Motor Water Balloon
The Speroni Water Pumps i motor water balloon is distinguished from others by its different capacity, there are types of balloons for water ranging from 500 liters to 100 liters capacity.
Siberian motors sizes
 Speroni 0.5 HP 15M –
 Speroni 1 horse 50 meters –
 Speroni 1.5 HP –
 Speroni 2 hp 100 meters
 Speroni 2.5 HP