SP Stainless Steel Pumps 6




SP4″ ,6″ ,8″ and 10″ submersible pumps are made of corrosion and abrasion resistant stainless steel and have been developed in accordance with state-of-the-art technology.The SP series of pumps are manufactured to the highest standards for energy efficiency,high performance,rugged construction and long service life for the most demanding applications.
Operating Limits
  • 50Hz
    • Capacity : max. 78 m³/h
    • Head : max. 648 m
  • 60Hz 
    • Capacity max. 90 m³/h
    • Head : max. 789 m
    • Liquid temperature : 0゚C to+60゚
    • Sand content : Max. 50g/ m³
  • Potable water supply from deep wells
  • Municipal and industrial waters supply
  • Irrigation and other agricultural applications
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Pressure boosting in high-rise buildings and other applications


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